Asean Summit, Malaysia on Nov 21, 1015

Asean Summit, Malaysia  on Nov 21, 1015
Asean Establishes Landmark Economic and Security Bloc
"A Summary" – Apr 2, 2011 (Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Religion, Shift of Human Consciousness, 2012, Intelligent/Benevolent Design, EU, South America, 5 Currencies, Water Cycle (Heat up, Mini Ice Ace, Oceans, Fish, Earthquakes ..), Middle East, Internet, Israel, Dictators, Palestine, US, Japan (Quake/Tsunami Disasters , People, Society ...), Nuclear Power Revealed, Hydro Power, Geothermal Power, Moon, Financial Institutes (Recession, Realign integrity values ..) , China, North Korea, Global Unity,..... etc.) - Text version)

“….. Here is the prediction: China will turn North Korea loose soon. The alliance will dissolve, or become stale. There will be political upheaval in China. Not a coup and not a revolution. Within the inner circles of that which you call Chinese politics, there will be a re-evaluation of goals and monetary policy. Eventually, you will see a break with North Korea, allowing still another dictator to fall and unification to occur with the south. ….”

“ … Here is another one. A change in what Human nature will allow for government. "Careful, Kryon, don't talk about politics. You'll get in trouble." I won't get in trouble. I'm going to tell you to watch for leadership that cares about you. "You mean politics is going to change?" It already has. It's beginning. Watch for it. You're going to see a total phase-out of old energy dictatorships eventually. The potential is that you're going to see that before 2013.

They're going to fall over, you know, because the energy of the population will not sustain an old energy leader ..."
"Update on Current Events" – Jul 23, 2011 (Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll) - (Subjects: The Humanization of God, Gaia, Shift of Human Consciousness, 2012, Benevolent Design, Financial Institutes (Recession, System to Change ...), Water Cycle (Heat up, Mini Ice Ace, Oceans, Fish, Earthquakes ..), Nuclear Power Revealed, Geothermal Power, Hydro Power, Drinking Water from Seawater, No need for Oil as Much, Middle East in Peace, Persia/Iran Uprising, Muhammad, Israel, DNA, Two Dictators to fall soon, Africa, China, (Old) Souls, Species to go, Whales to Humans, Global Unity,..... etc.)
(Subjects: Who/What is Kryon ?, Egypt Uprising, Iran/Persia Uprising, Peace in Middle East without Israel actively involved, Muhammad, "Conceptual" Youth Revolution, "Conceptual" Managed Business, Internet, Social Media, News Media, Google, Bankers, Global Unity,..... etc.)

North Korean defector criticises China in rare Beijing talk

North Korean defector criticises China in rare Beijing talk
North Korean defector and activist Hyeonseo Lee, who lives in South Korea, poses as she presents her book 'The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story' in Beijing on March 26, 2016 (AFP Photo/Fred Dufour)

US under fire in global press freedom report

"The Recalibration of Awareness – Apr 20/21, 2012 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Old Energy, Recalibration Lectures, God / Creator, Religions/Spiritual systems (Catholic Church, Priests/Nun’s, Worship, John Paul Pope, Women in the Church otherwise church will go, Current Pope won’t do it), Middle East, Jews, Governments will change (Internet, Media, Democracies, Dictators, North Korea, Nations voted at once), Integrity (Businesses, Tobacco Companies, Bankers/ Financial Institutes, Pharmaceutical company to collapse), Illuminati (Started in Greece, with Shipping, Financial markets, Stock markets, Pharmaceutical money (fund to build Africa, to develop)), Shift of Human Consciousness, (Old) Souls, Women, Masters to/already come back, Global Unity.... etc.) - (Text version)

… The Shift in Human Nature

You're starting to see integrity change. Awareness recalibrates integrity, and the Human Being who would sit there and take advantage of another Human Being in an old energy would never do it in a new energy. The reason? It will become intuitive, so this is a shift in Human Nature as well, for in the past you have assumed that people take advantage of people first and integrity comes later. That's just ordinary Human nature.

In the past, Human nature expressed within governments worked like this: If you were stronger than the other one, you simply conquered them. If you were strong, it was an invitation to conquer. If you were weak, it was an invitation to be conquered. No one even thought about it. It was the way of things. The bigger you could have your armies, the better they would do when you sent them out to conquer. That's not how you think today. Did you notice?

Any country that thinks this way today will not survive, for humanity has discovered that the world goes far better by putting things together instead of tearing them apart. The new energy puts the weak and strong together in ways that make sense and that have integrity. Take a look at what happened to some of the businesses in this great land (USA). Up to 30 years ago, when you started realizing some of them didn't have integrity, you eliminated them. What happened to the tobacco companies when you realized they were knowingly addicting your children? Today, they still sell their products to less-aware countries, but that will also change.

What did you do a few years ago when you realized that your bankers were actually selling you homes that they knew you couldn't pay for later? They were walking away, smiling greedily, not thinking about the heartbreak that was to follow when a life's dream would be lost. Dear American, you are in a recession. However, this is like when you prune a tree and cut back the branches. When the tree grows back, you've got control and the branches will grow bigger and stronger than they were before, without the greed factor. Then, if you don't like the way it grows back, you'll prune it again! I tell you this because awareness is now in control of big money. It's right before your eyes, what you're doing. But fear often rules. …

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Gay Hong Kong Lawmaker Seeks Same-Sex Marriage

Jakarta Globe, September 16, 2012

This picture taken on Thursday shows Raymond Chan posing before an interview
 in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's first openly gay lawmaker is known as "Slow Beat"
 from his days as a disc jockey, but newly elected Raymond Chan says there's
 nothing slow about his plans to reform the Asian banking hub. (AFP Photo/
Philippe Lopez)
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Hong Kong’s first openly gay lawmaker is known as “Slow Beat” from his days as a disc jockey, but Raymond Chan says there is nothing slow about his plans to reform the Asian banking hub.

Chan publicly revealed his sexuality only after winning a seat in the former British colony’s legislature last weekend, as a representative of the radically pro-democracy People Power party.

He said he plans to use the four-year term of the 70-seat assembly to push for full democracy and the legalization of same-sex marriage in the socially conservative southern Chinese city.

“If I can’t fight for my own rights, how can I help the oppressed and the underdogs?” the 40-year-old told Agence France-Presse, wearing a suave sky blue shirt and beige khaki pants.

“As a lawmaker — whether I like a man or a woman — it doesn’t affect my capability or my political ideologies.”

Contrary to his soft-spoken manner and boyish look, Chan is a member of a hard-hitting anti-Beijing party which, along with the League of Social Democrats, is known for its unruly interruptions of legislative council sittings.

His victory has been hailed by gay rights activists, who see his election as a step forward to push for sexual minority rights in a city where homosexuality was only decriminalized in 1991.

But since then, critics say the fight for equality has been painstakingly slow despite Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan outlook and ultra-modern self-image.

Quest for love and democracy

A survey sponsored by British bank Barclays in May found Hong Kong’s gay community faced widespread discrimination, with 85 percent saying they experienced a “negative impact” at their workplace.

“Hong Kong is definitely lagging behind,” Chan said, explaining that same-sex couples have no right to public housing, property inheritance or tax allowances granted to heterosexual married couples.

“There is no protection for gay couples. I hope we can enact laws to ban discrimination against one’s sexual orientation as soon as possible and of course, the long-term goal is to amend the laws to allow same-sex marriage.”

He is not daunted by the likely resistance he will face from the city’s Buddhists and Catholics, and promised to use an “educational” approach rather than the noisy antics of some of his allied lawmakers.

“It may take one term, it may take two terms, but at least there’s someone who gets the ball rolling,” he said.

He said he has received overwhelming support since coming out days after the election, and admitted he did not make public his sexuality during his campaign because it was “not a selling point.”

He is currently single after breaking up with his boyfriend, who he was in a relationship with for a year, during the run-up to the polls.

“I was sad that night but I had to go on with my election campaign,” he said of the separation.

At present, Hong Kong’s chief executive is selected by a 1,200-strong election committee and only a little over half of the legislature is elected by popular vote.

Beijing has promised to introduce “full suffrage” for the leadership polls in 2017 and the 2020 legislative vote, but many democrats fear the communist mainland authorities have no intention of honouring their promise.

“My dream is that one day when same-sex marriage is allowed in Hong Kong, I will be the first to get married,” Chan said.

“And I would like to invite the chief executive — one that is elected by all Hong Kong people through universal suffrage — to my wedding banquet.”

Agence France-Presse

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